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Bruny Island offers a fantastic mix of scenery, including dramatic coast lines, untouched forests and stunning beaches.  Plan your trip to enjoy a diverse range of experiences including bushwalking, boating, spending time at the many beautiful beaches and observing the islands bird and wildlife or simple kick back and relax.



The story of Bruny Island:​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​In 1773 Tobias Furneaux, who was exploring the coastline with Captain James Cook, anchored his vessel, the Adventure (after whom the island's main bay has been named), off the island's coast. Four years later on 26 January, 1777 Cook sailed the Resolution and Discovery into Adventure Bay and stayed for two days. His contact with the Aborigines who lived on the island was amicable. In 1788, Captain Bligh anchored the Bounty in Adventure Bay and planted some seeds. It is claimed that Bligh was responsible for Tasmania’s apple industry. He returned in 1792. Bruny Island and the waterway between the Island and mainland Tasmania, however, is named for the French explorer, Bruni D'Entrecasteaux, who first explored the area in 1792.


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Swimming and surfing

Adventure Bay and Jetty Beach provide safe, sheltered areas for swimming, while Cloudy Bay is a popular spot for experienced surfers.

Bruny Island Cruises
Enjoy an unforgettable day aboard Rob Pennicott's multi-award winning Bruny Island Cruises, provider of Tasmania's leading wilderness and wildlife adventure cruise, winner of Tasmania's Best Tourist Attraction in 2006, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 & 2012 and voted one of the Greatest 100 Trips of the World.
Join Bruny Island Cruises Full Day Tour (departing Adventure Bay) aboard a custom designed boat for a

50km, three hour cruise along the coastline of Bruny Island. Spend a full three hours travelling along

Bruny Island's rugged Southern Tasmanian coastline to spot the island's abundant sea and coastal

wildlife such as seals, dolphins, whales, albatross and other seabirds. Sit at the bottom of Bruny Island's

towering sea cliffs, feel the joy of being surrounded by 1000s of seals and watching dolphins surf on the

bow wave of the boat.

Bruny Island Wildlife
Bruny Island provides diverse habitat for a range of land and sea wildlife.  Sea based wildlife you may

encounter see include sea eagles, dolphins, albatross, shearwaters, and seals.

Little Penguin / Fairy Penguin
The Little Penguin or Fairy Penguin is the smallest of the 17 penguin species. These flightless birds are

best seen at The Neck Game Reserve between dusk and dawn. During the day they are out at sea

catching food for themselves and their chicks. The penguins' streamlined body allows them to glide

through the water at speed, meaning they can be hard to spot when onboard our cruise.
For more information see the Parks & Wildlife factsheet.

White Wallaby
The White Wallaby is a rare wallaby found on southern Bruny Island. It is known as a painted wallaby,

as it is a few genes short of being pure albino. Albino or painted species are usually very vulnerable to natural predators. However as the White Wallabies have few predators on Bruny Island, they have managed to breed and increase their numbers. This is fantastic for all who would like to get a glimpse of this rare species.  
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Walks on Bruny Island
From 5 minutes to full day walks, Bruny Island offers breathtaking scenery including dramatic coastlines, enchanted rainforests and tranquil beaches.

Truganni Lookout
15 Minutes Return
Located at 'The Neck'. A timber stepped boardwalk takes you to some of the most spectacular 360° panoramic views of the Neck.


Mayvista Nature Walk
20 Minutes Return
Travel south on the main road through Adventure Bay. Turn right at Lockleys road. Travel for 2.5Km then turn right at Resolution Rd. to Discovery Park Picnic area and the start of the Nature Walk. An easy short rainforest walk.


Grass Point
1 Hour Return
A flat track, suitable for all ages. The track commences at the end of Adventure Bay road. The walk begins along the beach and then follows the coastline to Grass Point. Amazing views of Adventure Bay and Cape Queen Elizabeth. The walk continues to Fluted Cape. (see Fluted Cape Walk).

Luggabone Circuit
1.5 Hour Circuit
Walk commences at the Jetty Beach Camping area, located off Lighthouse Road on the way to the Cape Bruny Lightstation. Walk through coastal heath, eucalypt forest and back along the eastern coastline.


Mt. Mangana
1.5 Hours Return
This walk is outside the National Park and commences from Coolangatta Road, 5km inland from Adventure Bay. Mt. Mangana is the highest peak on Bruny Island (571m). The track ascends through the many and varied species which make up this amazing rainforest.


Fluted Cape
2.5 Hours Return
An extension of the Grass Point and Penguin Island walks. From Grass Point, the track climbs steeply to the summit of Fluted Cape (272m), passing the very high sea cliffs. Not suitable for young children.

Cape Queen Elizabeth
3 Hours Return
Walk commences at a 4WD track just north of the Bruny Island International Airport (air strip). With spectacular views, this is an easy walk within the Bruny Island Neck Game Reserve.


East Cloudy Head
4 Hours Return
Access is from the end of Cloudy Bay Road. The first 3Km of the walk is along the beach, with the remainder along a disused 4WD track. Parts of the walk are not well marked.


Labillardiere Penninsula
5 Hour Circuit
Walk commences off Old Jetty Road, signposted from Lighthouse Road, on the way to the Cape Brun Lighthouse. Suggested route is clockwise. More information about the Labillardiere Penninsula walk.


Slide Track
3.5 Hours One Way
This 10km track is for the experienced walker. It is better started from Lockleys Road as the track descends steeply to the old abandoned wooden tramway, used to transport logs to Adventure Bay. Be prepared for all types of conditions.


More Information
For more information about the South Bruny National Park, visit the Tasmanian Parks and Wildlife Service website

Bruny Island,  Tasmania Travel Video Guide
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